DNA purification

Load the primary tubes and reagents and walk away!

  • 96 samples from primary tubes to PCR set-up in approximately 2 hours 
  • Automated barcode reading
  • Minimal manual handling
  • No centrifugation

BUGS´n BEADS™ MRSA from Genpoint-NorDiag is an easy-to-perform, automated method for isolation of DNA from Staphylococcus aureus. The kit has successfully been used for isolation of DNA from MRSA present in overnight cultures from nasal swab samples, containing antibiotics, together with analyses by PCR* amplification.

Intended use
BUGS´n BEADS™ MRSA is a generic system that uses the BUGS’n BEADS™ technology for qualitative preparation of nucleic acids (NA) from bacteria. Every new application or combination with other systems should be validated by the user for the specific use.