Oxalate Kit


Detection method: colorimetric

Storage temperature: −20 ° C

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General description

Oxalate or oxalic acid is a metabolic degradation product of the Kreb cycle in eukaryotes and of the glyoxylate cycle in other microorganisms. It can be found in the urine of humans and other mammals. Oxalate concentration can be used as a measure of kidney function when a high oxalate level is an indicator of kidney stones that are mainly composed of insoluble calcium oxalate salt. Measuring oxalate is more accurate than measuring calcium as a marker for kidney stones because calcium is excreted in high concentrations even in normal urine.

Features and Benefits

Compatible with high-performance handling systems.


Suitable for the quantitative determination of oxalate (oxalic acid) in urine samples, animal and plant tissues.


Simple, direct, and high throughput tests to measure oxalate concentration find wide applications. This oxalate test kit uses a single working reagent that combines the oxalate oxidase reaction and the color reaction in one step. The change in color intensity of the reaction product at 595 nm is directly proportional to the oxalate in the sample.